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Words of Managing Director 
The “Metro-Style” company is a project organization with modern and highly organized structure. During his founding from 1990, the employees of “Metro-Style” have fulfilled the most of 900 projects under orders from 350 employers.
The activities of the company "Metro-style" began with the projects for construction and reconstruction of the Moscow Metro, but over a short period of time it engaged to designing transport tunnels (track tunnels‚ rail way tunnels‚ city vehicle tunnels)   and underground engineering objects (collectors and communication tunnels, underground parking in urban areas, underground trade centers‚ underground storages for strategic grain and strategic food‚ underground storages and support for hydrocarbon products such as fuel‚ oil, gas and etc.)
In addition to developing projects subway stations the "Metro-style" company ‚ significant amount of design work carried out for the various constructions tunnels and station complexes, as well as for many other underground objects of special purpose such as civil defense.
 The scope of the project company "Metro-style" along with the design is a complex of consulting services. Vast practical experience and a large base of fundamental theoretical knowledge qualify our personnel to successfully and effectively carry out the design work for objects of any complexity not only in Russia but also in any country of the world.
We cooperate with many leading design organizations ‚so that our patrons receive the best, fully integrated and adapted decision, made on the basis of the most recent advances and modern technologies in the field of construction design.
The basis of the company's "Metro-Style" is based on individual and highly creative approach to every employers and every order.
Our collective makes every effort to "Metro-style" has become a leading company in its sector, which gives us the opportunity to occupy a leading position in hard conditions of market competition.
The project Company of "Metro-Style" provides the following services:
  • Design constructions tunnels and station complexes of Metro.
  • Design underground businesses center.
  • Design of transport tunnels (road tunnels ‚ rail way tunnels‚ city vehicle tunnels
  • Design of bridges, highways and overpasses.
  • Design of ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Designing of engineering networks and systems.
  • Designing of collectors and communication tunnels
  • Designing of underground storages
  • Design of underground power plants
  • Design of hydraulic tunnels

Director General A. Krivenko